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We are starting up a new student ministry located in San Jose.  It is to both High School and Elementary School.  Please keep this in Prayer.
under construction

The Students of Palawan.

We are currently housing 2 students, they are sisters. Their papa is working in Malaysia, and there is very little support coming for them. They have been struggling to get the school tuitions, Multicab fees and Lunch.  so we offered to take them in.  Grace the older one helps around the house and gets 1500 Pesos from us each month. A 1000 pesos will cover her transpartation and the extra is for her personal needs.  we supply all that they need in the house and meals.  Mary Anne is still in elementary school but growing fast.
Pray for these two students they will need new school uniforms and shoes.

Baby Grace

Mary Anne

Puerto Princesa City is a College town. There are 5 major Colleges, and 4 High Schools, this does not include the many Computer Schools and private Technical Colleges and Trade Schools. To date there are very few ministries in the Santa Monica area for students.

We envision a student ministry in the Santa Monica area for the students. In the Santa Monica area where we live there are an estimated 200 boarding houses housing students from all over the Province of Palawan. Most of these students are sent to Puerto Princesa for education because there are very few schools elsewhere in the province. Many of these students are away from home and are under great peer presure to join in of activities which are destructive and demoralizing. Often students innocently come to Puerto for an education and because of needs such as food and clothing, they will resort to prostitution and drug dealing to supplement the needed income that their families cannot provide.

We wish to create a no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol Christian environment for these students to enjoy during the week, We will conduct weekly Student Bible Studies, and have a Sunday Student Worship Center.

Other amenities would include some computer operations training, English tutoring, Typing, as well as services such as photo copying and printing of assignments and class projects. Also, lite meals, snacks, soft drinks and coffee. And such events as "Christian Video Night" to view such films as "The Jesus Film", "Left Behind", "The Greatest Story Ever Told" and other films. Christian "Worship Night" with local worship bands, Etc.

In addition we will be giving away free clothing to students in need of clothing, and helping with their school supplies as well.(Go to the "How Can I help" Page to get info on how you can help.)

The Lord has opened this door for us and we want to be obediant to His Leading. But not wanting to run ahead of His provision. Please be praying how you can help support this outreach to the Students of Palawan. It has the potential of reaching many Students and their communities for Christ throughout the Province of Palawan.

"Go Therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you; and lo, I am with your always, even unto the end of the age." Amen
Matthew 28:19-20