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Help in Barangay San Manuel Typoco Rd II

Recently while visiting the Typoco Road subdivision in San Manuel I watched as two men struggled to remove the hand pump from a deep well which served as the only water for a couple hundred residents in this area. Not hat there wasn't city water available most can't afford to get hooked up and pay the monthly water bill.

I asked what the problem was with the pump. Well it was very old and has to be fixed almost everyday from the continuos pumping of the residents. Knowing that we were desiring to reach out tot he area the week before Christmas. I had prayed we could buy the neighborhood a new hand pump as a Christmas present from our church to them. When the outreach team from Lynchburg VA we found the Lord had answered our prayers and had given us enough to buy a new hand pump. We presented it on Dec 18, 2009 and within a few hours they had it hook up and pumping water. the people were so thankful for the new hand pump.

Helps in Barangay Santa Monica

Right from the start when we moved into Santa Monica we realized that our ministry was going to be more than just church planting. We saw the needs of the poor and we began by sharing our own food, clothing and other items with those in need.

Clothing packages came for us from the States and often we would give these away to those around us who needed clothing. Also, as we had means we would buy sacks of rice and distribute it among the poor. Most whom would starve before asking for help. Their tears of joy would show as we left their homes giving them the blessing that God had placed on our hearts.

Today it is even more important that we give and share. The economical condition has worsened and there is no end in sight in light of the political situation around the world and in the country itself.

We encourage those who are able to send clean and usable used Items for distribution to the poor.  go to the "How can I help" page and get instructions on how you can send releif.

But by equality, that now at this time your abundance may supply their lack-that there would be equality. as it is written, "He who gathered much had nothing left over, and he who gathered little had no lack." 2 Corinthians 8:14,15