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Christian Church of the Last Frontier

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1 We believe the Bible was inspired in its original and preserved for us today in the Authorized Version and that it is whole, complete, without errors and the Final Authority for our life, practice and conduct during this Church Age.

2 We believe that there is ONLY ONE true God, living, sovereign, holy, with eternal existence.

3 God is infinitely perfect & exists in three persons: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

4 We believe in the virgin birth – that Jesus is the eternal Son of God. Who became man without ceasing to be God, to reveal God & to redeem mankind from sin.

5 We believe that Christ died for the sins of ALL people in a substitutionary sacrifice.

6 We believe in the ascension of Jesus and His second coming.

7 We believe that salvation is God’s free gift, being neither merited nor secured in part or in whole by any human virtue, work, ceremony, or effort, and that it is by Grace through Faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  And that all who truly believe receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and are baptized into the Body of Christ, and are sealed until the day of redemption.

8 We believe that Jesus Christ is the Author of Eternal Salvation.

9 We Believe in a pre-tribulation gathering of the Body of Christ to Himself in the Heaven.

10 We believe in pre-millennial return of Jesus Christ to establish His Kingdom.

11 We believe the fellowship with other true believers is important for learning the word, encouragement and Christian growth. Also, believers should be Baptized in water by full imersion after belief, and they should be aloud to participate in the Lords Table.

12 We believe in the literal existance of a place called Hell it is a lake of eternal fire that was prepared for the Devil and his angels.  And that all unsaved men and woman will be judged at the Great White Throne Judgement and sentenced to suffer eternal punishment in Hell.