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Being used of God to Reach Prisoners 


Sir Vil Gozon a guard at Iwahig Prison also known as Pastor Vil has helped the prisoners under his care to establish their own church fellowship inside the Iwahig Penal farm and Prison.

The thought of establishing our own ministry separate and unique from the already existing Prison Ministry just didn't seem to be the way to go when approaching Iwahig Penal Farm and Prison. To my surprise and quite by accident we ran into Vil whose job and heart are daily active in Prison ministry at Iwahig.

My heart for these men had been open for years but it seemed like so many were doing miistry there and that there just wasn't room for us to get involved. When visiting with Vil I asked what we could do to come along side the existing Prison Ministry of Iwahig Prison Christian Fellowship.

His first words let us see his heart for these men whom are placed at Iwahig. Also his heart to see them improved prior to release so they could sustain themselves afterwards is even more evident.   Our prayer is we can help them find fellowship outside of prison in a church they can feel comfortable in being part of.

Now that our ministry relationship has been established our hope and desire is to see these men reached for Christ. This last Christmas Holiday we saw souls saved and ministered too as we visited the Medium Security Section

We had a chess tournament and Art contest to get the men involved. Later towards sundown we had a film showing not out side in the courtyard but in one of the Barracks where 350 prisoners of the 1,080 live. We sat inside the narrow clammy bunkroom and showed "From Fury to Freedom" the story of Pastor Raul Reese of Calvary Chapel. After the film we saw a minimum of 10% of the men raise their hands to believe on Christ as Lord and Saviour. Vil said there were many more who were crying and praying to ask Jesus to come into their lives and hearts.

Aquaponic Traning for Released Inmates

Through the desire to fulfill our commission to reach people with the Gospel of Christ, and our heart for the newly released prisoners. Christian Church of the Last Frontier's "Food Always In The Home" or "F.A.I.T.H". program is praying to co labor with Integrated "Wholistic Approach to Harness and Empower ex-Inmate Group" Inc. or "I.W.A.H.e.I.G". in training the newly released prisoner how to build and operate an Aquaponic farming system Under the name "Aquaponic Pilot Program".

Having this knowledge will encourage them to go back to their home provinces or other areas with a working knowledge on one of the leading edge farming techniques in the world. They will have the knowledge to hold seminars as well as to build and operate an Aquaponic Farm.

Special thanks to Tim Mann and Sausan Friend of in Hawaii for giving us a discount on the plans and manual for training and construction of a first ever Aquaponic Farm run for and by ex-inmates in Palawan.

Vil Gozon has temporarily donated some land for the project and has had a deep well already drilled it is only lacking a hand pump. We are praying we'll be up and running sometime soon with training and building of the system  it looks as the problem will be running into is to find buyers for the lettuce and other vegetables once the system is operational.  but it will sustain and feed the workers as this gets up and running.

Now while this is still in the planning stages as we are now preparing for materials for construction of the growbeds and fish tanks. The training facilities for now will be held in a small Kubo House on the lot.  We also want to use the opportunity to reach them with the Gospel of Christ sharing with them not only how to meet their physical needs but also their spiritual needs as well.

Please pray for our needs for this as we are in need of 6 sheets 1 inch by 4X8 foot plywood , fiberglass and epoxy, air pumps, water pumps, PVC pipes, barrels for the BarrelPonics training, electrical hook up and monthly payments of the electric bills.  Also Batteries and 12V converters for equipment during black outs.

Visiting the Maximum Security Section on Christmas Eve 2009

As I sat there listening to the 10 Christian prisoners sing praises to our Lord and God I was humbly struck by their joy and love in their hearts for God. These men are stuck in a 100foot by 100foot area with a small 20 by 30 foot building they along with another 100 or so men must all sleep in at night. yet with such joy and love for Christ they sang as if they were 100. My heart was truly brought low. And I think I have the right to complain about some of my hardships yet these were worse off than I.

The leader of this small group had no left arm or leg. It has been blown off by a hand grenade in an assassination attempt shortly after he was arrested. After he was sentenced, he served part of his term in another prison and then was transferred to Iwahig where he is serving out his life sentence. Yet he serves the Lord with such a heart for Him that I have to say I am humbled.

We saw 12 men ask Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour and ask the Holy Ghost to empower them for life.  The best gift these men could have received for Christmas was the gift of God, Jesus Christ.

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